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EBTN participates in EBF Kick-off Event for European Money Week 2018

EBTN is a Founding Partner in the European Platform for Financial Education

EBTN invests in Financial Literacy

EBTN participated in 3rd Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy




26-29 March 2019: European Money Week #EMW2019

31 October 2018: World Savings Day #WhatDoYouWishFor?

12-16 March 2018: European Money Week #EMW2018

27-31 March 2017: European Money Week

12-13 October 2016: Global Symposium on Financial Education (Auckland, New Zealand)

 27 September 2016: EE-HUB Financial Education Roundtable (Brussels, Belgium)



Relevant documents and reports


GFLEC National Financial Capability Study 2015

The importance of Financial Education (European Banking Federation, 2016)

Financial Education - National Strategies in Europe (European Banking Federation, 2015)

Toolkit for Measuring Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion (OECD/INFE, 2015)

Financial Education for Youth: The Role of Schools

OECD PISA Assessment & Analytical Framework: Mathematics, Reading, Science, Problem Solving & Financial Literacy


Members' initiatives

Chartered Banker Institute

Finance Finland

Hellenic Bank Association - Hellenic Banking Institute

Albanian Association of Banks

Association of Serbian Banks

Institut d'Estudis Financers


Institute for Financial Services Malta/ Malta Bankers' Association

WIB - Foundation Warsaw Institute of Banking

WSBI-ESBG World Savings and Retail Banking Institute/European Savings Bank Group 


EBTN is Affiliated Member of the OECD International Network on Financial Education and supporter of the European Money Week.